Second Line Handkerchief
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Second Line Handkerchief


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Beautiful Bloom
Hey Butterfly
Magnolia Sky
Royally Script
Vine Mongram
Circle Monogram
Regal Split Monogram
Harrington Split Monogram
Swirl Split Monogram with Print name
Swirl Split Monogram with Script Name
Floral Split Monogram
Wrought Iron Split Monogram
Split Fleur de Lis
Fleur de Lis 1
Fleur de Lis 2
Fleur de Lis 3
Fleur de Lis 4
Fleur de Lis 5
Fleur de Lis 6
Fleur de Lis 7
Fleur de Lis 8
Fleur de Lis 9
Fleur de Lis 10
Fleur de Lis 11
Fleur de Lis 12
Fleur de Lis 13
Fleur de Lis 14
Fleur de Lis 15
Fleur de Lis 16
Fleur de Lis 17
Fleur de Lis 18
Fleur de Lis 19
Fleur de Lis 20
Fleur de Lis 21
Fleur de Lis 22
Fleur de Lis 23
Fleur de Lis 24
NONE; I'm uploading my own graphic
Fleur de Lis with circle frame
Fleur de Lis in circle pattern withframe
Fleur de Lis in circle pattern without frame
Regal Split
Swirl Split
Harrington Split
Floral Split
Wrought Iron Split
NONE; I'm uploading my own graphic
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select first circle to add your own color
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N/A if no additional text
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  • premium handkerchief measures 14″ x14″
  • overlock stitched 4 edges
  • 100% polyester

Additional information

Weight0.03 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 0.05 in
Second Line Handkerchief

Light Pink, White