JANUARY 21-FEBRUARY 16, 2024: EXPECT ORDER COMPLETION DELAYS OF 1 WEEK IN ADDITION TO USUAL PRODUCTION TIME. (We are preparing for and vending at the AKA NARC). We apologize for any inconvenience. Pressed to Impress, LLC lovingly creates unique products. We apply designs on our products AFTER an order is placed. We aim to have most orders completed WITHIN 5-7 DAYS (unless otherwise stated on product listing). *** PLEASE NOTE: EMBROIDERED ITEMS TAKE A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS*** Thank you for your patience and support.
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Embroidery Services

Embroidery FAQ's

Pressed to Impress, LLC accepts customer’s garments and items for embroidery.   We will do our best to ensure your item receives special care as with all of the products we create.   However, some accidents with embroidery (e.g., holes in garment due to machine malfunctioning) are beyond our control.  When we embroider products that we supply, we have replacement items on-hand ,  they can be reordered easily through our trusted suppliers, and potential damage to blank items is factored into our usual operating costs.  We have tested the items we provide to ensure a quality embroidered end-product.  We cannot replace any item we do not sell or provide.   All customers understand that Pressed to Impress, LLC does not assume any responsibility for damage to your item and it will not be replaced at our expense.  Consequently, we will refuse one-of-a-kind items (e.g., heirlooms) for this reason.  

We strive to provide quality  and value in all of the products that we sell.  If you are bringing your own item in an attempt to save money, you may not actually save money in the long run as we purchase our blank products at wholesale prices.  If you have a unique item that you want embroidered that we don’t usually sell, you will be charged for the labor, materials, complexity of the design, and digitizing only.

Before we embroider on your item, we will inspect it to make sure it can hold the stitches and that it can fit in an embroidery hoop for our machine.

The item must be new with tags on (not worn and washed). The item should also not be visibly soiled or have strong odors (smoke, perfume, foul smells).  We only place new items in our machine and don’t want to handle someone else’s stains or body oils and we’re certain you don’t want them on your final product either.  

We will verify that the item is appropriate for embroidery and can be hooped. We do not accept customer supplied hats for embroidery.

Pressed to Impress, LLC has a few designs that you can choose from that are used for current products or past orders.  If you have a unique design, we will need to digitize the design (fees apply) or may purchase a design for your order that we can use for future products.

Please email your design file to orders@pressedtoimpresscustomdesigns.com . JPEG, PNG, PSD, and SVG files can be accepted. 

The largest embroidery field for our commercial machine is  500 x 360 mm, or 19.7 x 14.2 in.

For best results, a minimum 1/4″ height is recommended.

We recommend washing embroidered garments inside out, on gentle cycle, without fabric softener and to tumble dry low or hang dry.

The cost of embroidering your item varies with the complexity of the design, stitch count, and the time and skill it takes to convert your design into stitches (digitizing).

Yes. Converting your logo to a digitized design is $35-50.

No. If we alreeady have your design on file, there is no deign fee for future orders using that same design.

Our usual turn around time for embroidered items is 10-14 days.  This time estimate does not include shipping time.  Sometimes, we can have your item completed sooner depending on our current workload.  Production does not begin on your item until the item is in hand and the invoice has been PAID IN FULL.  If you must have your order sooner than 14 days, we charge a rush order fee of $25.

We use Madeira Embroidery thread which is a high-quality, commercial embroidery thread with over 100 years experience.  Most of our items will use the Polyneon 40# thread which is a polyester thread used in the majority off embroidery applications.  Rayon and Metallic threads are available upon request.

We stock about 30 different colors of thread we use for most projects. However, Madeira has over 200 different colors that we can Pantone match for your project.

Embroidered items are long-lasting when cared for properly.  We use a commercial embroidery machine (MT-2002-8s) and commercial thread as noted above to ensure you have the highest quality product.

Embroidery Process

Embroidery Costs

Monograms and Text

*Cost to embroider one of our products that does not already have embroidery as an option

  • Left Chest Name 1 line Up to 1″ height)- $11
  • Left Chest 2 Lines- $13-15
  • Left Chest Monogram (up to 2” height) – $15
  • Monogram Tote Bag(up to 3″ height) -$19
  • Monogram Cuff-$8

                          SPECIAL HANDLING

  • Thick Jacket (e.g., Carhartt) Left Chest- add $3 to standard chest logo price
  • Vinyl/Leather -add $3 to cost of personalization
  •  Monogram Plush items (towels, robes, fleece, sweater)-add $0.50 per piece
  • Puff Embroidery- add $1 per piece
  • Metallic Thread-add $0.35 per piece

Company and Team Logos or Special Designs

The above pricing per stitch is for the design only on a flat item (shirt, blanket, etc.) and doesn’t include to price of the item or digitizing fee. Design cost for items that are more difficult to hoop (e.g., hats) or intricate designs with several color changes are priced higher.   Pricing updated 12/2023

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